Are You Verified?

When you show up to a customer’s home for a job, do you have an easy way to prove that you have insurance, have been vaccinated, have proper training and are with the company they hired? 
Your Verify My Records™ Membership solves this problem with a simple photo ID badge with a dynamically linked QR code to your proper documentation.

Woman verifies credentials of young man at door

*This program is paid for by your Savvy Cleaner Membership and will be verified before your account goes live.

If you need to update your Savvy Cleaner Membership do that now:

How Does Verify My Records Work?

A records verification page is created for each active member of the Verify My Records™ program. Active members have up-to-the-minute tracking of courses you’ve completed and certificates you’ve received. The Verify My Records™ program is dynamically linked to your photo ID badge. As long as your account is active it can be scanned and your uploaded documents verified.

Verification Sample Page

Why Do I Need an ID Badge?

On any job, at any time a customer can scan your QR code and view your training and certification, and insurance, vaccination, work eligibility, or awards you’ve won. This showcases your credentials and gives the customer peace of mind that they are hiring a professional. 

*Oh, and while they are there, they can leave you a rating and review for the work you’ve done.

ID Badge - Sample Badge no background

Social Proof In One Place

Customers want to know they are not making a mistake when they hire you. Our integrated ratings and reviews program allows your customers to see with one scan what others who have hired you think.

Remove customer risk by providing this information all in a single scan.

Rating and Review
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