Angela Brown

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Angela Brown

She, Her, Hers, Herself

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Charlotte NC 28277

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Verified COI - Certificate of Insurance
Insurance Renews 6/31/2022
9344000 Money MindsetCompleted100%8/15/2021
10447900 Q3 Working On CameraCompleted100%8/5/2021
2650101 Is Cleaning Right For You?Completed100%6/13/2021
1765902 Getting Started BasicsCompleted100%6/13/2021
2957903 Worksheets and ChecklistsCompleted100%6/13/2021
2774904 Pricing BasicsCompleted100%3/8/2021
3143205 Employee HandbookCompleted100%7/9/2021
2723406 How to Choose a TerritoryCompleted100%3/14/2021
2671507 Chemical SafetyCompleted100%3/16/2021
4632508 Personal Protective EquipmentCompleted100%7/10/2021
4500909 Eco Cleaning SuppliesCompleted100%7/11/2021
5681010 Sponges, Cloths, and Paper TowelsCompleted100%6/13/2021
5426511 Equipment Cleaning and SanitizationCompleted100%6/13/2021
6311812 Ace a WalkthroughCompleted100%7/17/2021
7027913 Maintenance vs. Deep CleaningCompleted100%8/15/2021
7807814 Upsells and Special ProjectsCompleted100%6/13/2021
9102615 How to Clean A ToiletCompleted100%7/17/2021
9320116 Hiring RightCompleted100%8/15/2021
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