How Does Verify My Records Work? 

A records verification page is created for each active member of the Verify My Records ™ program. Active members have up-to-the-minute tracking of courses you’ve completed and certificates you’ve submitted.

The Verify My Records ™ program is dynamically linked to a custom QR code that you can use on your website, in your marketing, on your invoices, and also worn on a photo ID badge while you’re on the job. As long as your account is active it will provide the social proof you need to give your customers peace of mind.

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Why Do I Need an ID Badge?

Active members of the Verify My Records ™ program will be issued a picture ID name badge with your custom QR code. On any job, at any time a customer can scan your QR code and view your training and certification, and insurance. This gives you instant credentials and gives the customer peace of mind that they are hiring a professional. 

Set yourself apart from the competition by wearing a picture ID badge linked to your credentials and reviews.

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Why Do You Need Proof of Insurance?

Many savvy homeowners are now asking for proof of insurance from the people they allow in their homes. Instead of you sorting through papers or trying to remember to get back with a client on this, show your professionalism by providing it on the spot.

Let them scan your badge and see that you have verified proof of insurance. A COI (Certificate of Insurance) can be obtained from your insurance company and will be verified by the Verify Team. Show your customers you are responsible for entering their homes with proper coverage. 

Will My Insurance Policy Be Exposed to the World?

No, your COI will be verified by the Verify Team and kept on file. Every policy has an expiration date. Only an image of a generic COI stamped with the word “verified” and your insurance renewal date will be shown on your verification page.

How to read a COI (Certificate of Insurance)

What if I Don’t Have a Company Name?

That is fine, a page will be created with your personal name. You can still verify your credentials and collect ratings and reviews from clients. When (and if,) you ever choose a company name, we can add it to your existing page without changing your ID badge.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

For your personal protection, cleaning in other people’s homes, laying carpet, washing windows, power washing, doing handyman repairs, or other home care services, we recommend getting an insurance policy as soon as possible to protect yourself from unforeseen out of pocket expenses.

Can I Add Workers Compensation to My Verify My Records?

Yes, This will be noted on your Certificate of Insurance also known as a COI. You can get this free of charge from your insurance provider. Your COI is a document that is included in your annual Verify My Records membership.

Many homeowners won’t hire a service professional without this proof.

Can I Add  Diplomas or 3rd Party Certifications?

Yes, for an extra $10 per certificate or document. (One-Time non-refundable verification and set up document fee.)
Example: 3 adds = $30 

  1. Vaccination Card x $10
  2. College Diploma x $10
  3. BBB Accreditation x $10

Once a verified certificate has been added to your account it lives forever unless you choose to take it down.

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Can I Use a Discount Coupon to Add Certificates?

No. Any sales or coupons we offer apply towards the annual membership of $79.99 per year only.

The individual $10 per document fee pays for the research,  validation, and setup of that record.

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Can I Get an ID Badge For Members of My Company Not in the Savvy Cleaner Program?

Yes, here is the link to use to set up an account for them. 

How Do The Reviews Work?

At the bottom of each member page, there is a place where customers can leave their ratings and reviews for service completed.

This allows each member on your team to collect their own ratings and reviews. Give prizes to your team members with the most (or highest customer ratings.)

Why is there a QR Code on the Verify Page?

Angela Brown QR Code for Verify My RecordsEach member has their own permanent QR code that links back to their Verify My Records ™ Page. Once your account is live you can download the QR code and add it to your website, to business cards, or other marketing materials. Instead of forcing your prospects to hunt you down on Facebook or other social media, give them the peace of mind in verifying you BEFORE you show up for the first time. 

Rating and Review

How Big or Small Should The Certificates Be?

  • Each document should be no more than 1 MB or 1000 x 1000 pixels when uploading.
    This keeps your documents loading quickly on your page when a customer scans your bar code.
    Learn more about the right size of each document to upload here.
Right size for documents

My Coworkers Have Already Received their Badges – Where’s Mine?

It is important to note that all badges are not ordered at the same time. Once your information is submitted, it has to be manually processed and verified by the Verify Team. It then is returned to you for final approval before your badge is ordered. 

Information that is accurate, easy to verify, and approved quickly is processed immediately. Printing of the badges and shipping can take up to two weeks time.

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